Saturday, February 4, 2012


No one said that parenthood was easy, and it's not. There are times when you feel like you might literally pull out your hair or times when you try to rationalize the good that would come of locking them in a room for ten minutes (don't worry, I've never done this). There are constant situations that arise where you find yourself back peddling on your previous statement, "I would never let me child _____" because if that is going to calm them down for the next 5 minutes, then sure, they can play with your cell phone and make international calls to Africa or wherever it is.

But then there are moments. Moments that make it all worth it. Eye contact with one another that let you know, yeah, she gets it. Sweet hugs. Innocent gestures of love that she doesn't even completely understand that she is doing. These are brief little moments that you get throughout the day that keep you going until the next one. I want to share two of these moments that I've had with Addie so that we can read this together and she'll know the special bond that we shared even at the young age of 16 months.

When Addison was getting old enough to take an interest in Delilah (our Great Dane) I started teaching her "gentle". As you know, little ones tend to slap or pound on things as opposed to petting or rubbing. So, to give her an example, I would take her hand put it on my face and rub very gently while saying "gentle". When she got a little older and we were teaching her where her nose, mouth, ears and eyes are she would often point to our face, rather forcefully, and show us where our facial features were as well. I would say, "no ma'am, be gentle." And with the sweetest, most loving face she would pause, take her hand, put it on my face and gently rub it. Her way of saying, I love you, when she couldn't yet say it. Now, if I'm going to be really honest, and I am, I have to confess that about 2 minutes later she was back to gauging my eyes out. But that moment made it all worth it.

The other one I want to share happened this evening while I was putting her to bed. As I was rocking her and listening to her lullaby CD, her eyes started to get heavy. I leaned down and kissed her on the back of her hand. Her eyes kind of woke up for a minute and she began to put the back of her hand to my lips over and over again for more kisses. Of course, she had no idea how much this melted my heart but as I sat there and looked at her I had a moment with her. We just looked at each other for a long pause as if to signify our mutual love for one another.

Addison, my love for you began the day that I found out I was pregnant with you, and as you read this I can tell you that it has grown exponentially. Thank you for all of our sweet moments.

Monday, November 7, 2011

and life carries on...

It has probably been around a decade since I blogged last but with so much going on time just seems to slip through my fingers. Just as I was typing that first sentence Addison started waking up from her nap and David, the little boy I'm keeping, is starting to let me know he's hungry, so clearly I'm going to have to make this update speedy:)

Huge ball of energy. It really is amazing how, as they get older you find more and more ways to love them. She is getting so smart and even more hilarious. She now enjoys dragging things behind her most of the day. Whether it is be her diaper bag, a blanket, an empty 2 liter bottle, a grocery bag, or a dish towel she's taking it with her to explore.

She is really starting to babble and still loves to say DaDa. That is really the only word that she can say and actually know what she is referring to. She also calls my dad DaDa, but only because she can't say "Niles" yet and it's a way to get her point across.

She adores being outside. Loves leaves, bark, dirt, grass, exploring at my parents house, and splashing in any body of water no matter how big or small. We take walks to the neighborhood park and she really wants to run around like the big kids. Usually this ends in major spills and trip ups but she is a very tough girl and doesn't let it phase her.

Mimi just bought her a new Trike that has a handle on it for parents to control, until she is old enough to learn to do it herself. It is also outfitted with a cell phone (toy) on the front that she can slide in and out of the pouch. It has four buttons and she has a particular liking for the number 4 button. I'm not sure who made this cell phone but when that button is pushed it beeps in one long sound and doesn't shut off until she releases her finger. Whoever made it clearly didn't have children or good hearing capabilities because the sound of listening to a dial tone for 10 minutes isn't pleasing to anyone. The best part is all of the stares from other people and parents. At first they look around like, "what the crap???" and then they zone in on where the sound is coming from. Busted. But Addie just stares them down with her finger solid on #4. Hopefully those batteries will die soon. This is in no way taking away from the awesome gift from Mimi! Addison really does love it:)

For Addison's first Halloween she was a clown and the cutest little clown I have ever seen. We entered her in the costume contest at the Jack-O-Lantern Jubilee and she was so stinkin' cute. She was just strutting the stage like she does that on a regular, didn't mind the crowd at all. The cutest was, when the crowd would clap for each contestant she would clap back at them and laugh because that is a game that we play at home. She was on stage on Adam's shoulders waiting for everyone else to walk up just a clapping and a smiling. Cutest. We also went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, which was also my first time EVER going trick-or-treating. I know, that's a whole nother blog:) But Addie has a blast and got A LOT of candy...that I ate.

I don't really have time to update on the house, me, or Adam but I'll try to find a minute to blog again soon (not that yall want to read about us, I know it's all about Addison:)) But we are still loving our new house and new neighborhood. God has been so good. Until next time...

Friday, September 23, 2011

scooty poot

This blog is completely overdue so I have quite a bit to update on.

Here are a few things that have been going on lately, from things that Addison loves to do, favorite foods, new things learned, and funny stories of her antics of late:

A new game we like to play: Addison  used to give me kisses when I was rocking her for nap time and bed time in a sly way of trying to prolong the inevitable. Now we have a new game. She has her bottle and then I sit her up to burp her and hand her her pacifier. She takes it, inspects it for a while and then throws it down between me and the arm of the chair. She then dives into the chair headfirst and acts like she is in a little cave searching for the pacifier. Most of the time the pacifier is found within in minutes, as there is not much territory to search, but she stays down there for long periods of time pretending that she just can't find it. Then she'll sit up and look around for a minute. I grab the pacifier out of the chair and hand it back to her. She looks at it like, "what are you doing up here?", over hand throws it back down into the chair and head dives back down. This continues for a while until I decide that it is, in fact, time to go to sleep.

Another new game: Addison likes to pat her chest and we'll all say "yes, you're Addison. You're name is Addison." She smiles, delighted that we are smart enough to follow her and then pats my chest (or whoever is playing the game with her) and we'll say "mommy, I'm mommy." This goes on for long periods of time until she is bored with it. She has also started this when it is nap time:) A great time to show me how smart she is.

The little angel is so close to walking. She takes two or three steps at a time and then falls down. But she is getting more and more brave and venturing further away from the help of the furniture. I'm thinking by her first birthday she will probably be running around:)

A new discovery for her is socks/shoes and pants/ ls shirts. She obviously doesn't remember this from when she was a wee lad so it is completely foreign to her to have things covering her arms, legs and feet. When socks and shoes are put on she walks around like I stuck tape to the bottom of her feet and usually the first thirty minutes is spent trying to get them off. Pants and ls shirts are similar in that she looks bewildered by this new addition to the wardrobe and grabs at them for a period of time until she just excepts that they are going to be there. I wonder how long it will take for her to except this as norm and not even notice anymore?

Favorite food is still, by far, yogurt. She literally begins to whine as I am trying to get the lid off and stir it up because apparently I am not going fast enough. She will down an entire container (two if I let her) in record time. She has also been enjoying adult food and will eat anything on your plate, just because it's on your plate and it must be delicious. We call her a little bird. She will move around the room to each person that is eating, crawl between their legs and stand there with her mouth open waiting for you to giver her a taste. Usually she will do this until there is no more left and we have to say all gone. I'm pretty sure she would keep going until she popped. To her, if it's off of our plate is a huge treat. For now, this is fine with me because she is getting plenty of veggies in her tummy:) buuuttttt we will be curbing this habit in the future as there are several issues with begging, over eating, not eating her own food, etc.

We did have our first accident in the bed yesterday. She took an extra long nap and woke up slowly in her crib. I could hear her kind of talking to herself so I left her in there for a while to let her wake up before I went and got her. Mistake. Upon walking into her room I saw that she had pulled her diaper off and was playing with it (gross). Thankfully, we only had a number one to deal with:) It was kind of dark in the room because it was a gloomy day out, so I turned on a lamp and found a pee spot about the size of a car tire in her crib. Yay. Lesson learned, don't let her sleep with only her diaper on. Must wear clothes at all times.

We also have two new teeth coming in. This has been a loooooonnnnngggg ongoing struggle. We have been fighting these teeth for a little over a month now and they FINALLY look like they might poke through today or tomorrow. I can't wait. I feel awful for her as she is constantly in a cranky mood and extremely clingy because of the ongoing throbbing in her gums. When these two come in, it will be four down and 16 to go. Yes, we are counting down.

Last but not least...I can't believe that my little babies first birthday party is next weekend. The time has flown by and I know that all mommies say that but it really is true. Especially when you throw in selling your house, back surgery and moving into a new house all in the same year. We just lover her so much and are so blessed to have the sweetest angel in our lives. The love a parent has for their children is unmatched. Thank you Jesus for this priceless, life changing gift.

Please note how incredibly clean this playroom is. I keep it like this all of the time:)

This is her new "big girl" sippy cup.

Walking with her "car." Notice she has her paci and sippy cup in her right hand. Always a must.

Still has those sweet lips!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

that's not my name.

If you know me at all you know that I am the queen of nicknames. My mom, dad, husband, and now Addison have a tremendous amount of names that they can be called at any given time. Because some of these names get phased out over time I decided that it is high time that I start documenting them so that we can look back when she's 20 and laugh at them. Some of them will probably still be in use!

addie pants
panta loon
panta loony tune
addie patty
angel pants
tooty fruit
sweet pete
little pete pete
scoota poot
little poo poo

Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been a while since I blogged so here is a list of updates on little nugget:

1. She has almost perfected shaking her head "no". I think I liked it better when she didn't know how to do this. But, it is nice to have some kind of active communication with her so at least we know when she doesn't want something now.

2. She has another tooth coming in! It hasn't quite poked through the skin yet but it is giving her a time and we're ready for it to come on out and start helping her chew up some food!

3. Speaking of food, she is moving more and more into solids and has gotten over (for the most part) her sensitive gag reflex. So far, the favorites are: Yogurt, grits, baked potato, cheese, eggs, and mommies left over soggy cereal. She is also a huge food begger! She will stare you down until you give her a bite of what you are eating and she will stand at your knees with her mouth wide open like a little bird waiting on a treat. Cute now...but I can see we might have to correct this soon:)

4. We are getting very close to walking!!! She is "furniture surfing" pretty well and is able to stand on her own for short periods of time, but she still prefers to crawl as a means of transportation.

5. She is a smart little whipper snapper! She has a book that shows animals and the sounds that they make. When we read that, she always tries to mimic the sounds that I am making. Another book she has is filled with different items that are common in everyday life, as I turn the pages she will point to each item and I will tell her what it is. She studies every item very hard and then looks at me ready for me to turn the page. We're just very happy that she is interested in books!

6. She is loaded with lots of hugs lately and enjoys handing them out. There is nothing like having your daughter rest her tired little head on your shoulder and squeeze her little arms tight around your neck.

7. She must be going through a growth spurt because she is sleeping really well. She takes about 2 hour naps and sleeps from about 8pm to 8am. Mommy and daddy are enjoying this!! Hoping that this phase isn't a phase:)

She is such a sweet angel and Adam and I have been enjoying every second of the last couple of months as she starts to hit more and more milestones and surprise us with how much she learns. We are headed to the beach again soon and we'll be sure to post pictures!

Friday, July 8, 2011

the sweetest thing

Little Pants has the most heart melting new nap time ritual. This is most definitely a perk of being a parent:)

When nap time rolls around Addison has gotten to the point where she tries everything in the book to keep me from turning her on her side and rocking her to sleep. "Fight it to the death" is her motto. As of late, when I have finished giving her her bottle I allow her to sit up for a minute to burp. She sees this as a victory. She has won, overcome the obstacle of mommy and is now free to play again!! In reality, she is only getting a moment of freedom before I start rocking her to sleep. She takes this time to try and delay the process as best she can. This is where the new ritual comes in...she starts to climb on me to get to the top of the chair where she can get a closer look of the book shelf behind us. She will begin to talk to me (I'm sure explaining her deep thoughts on the book selection) saying "blah, blah, blah, blah". It sounds much like if someone were telling you a story and instead of going into depth on a topic they end it with "blah, blah, blah." Mid sentence, or mid "blah," she stops abruptly, looks down at me, opens her mouth, and places it on my lips, sometimes leaving it there for almost a minute. This is her very sweet way of giving a kiss. I say mmmmmmmmwwwwhhhha and she goes back to staring at the bookshelf and "blah blah blahing." She repeats this over and over and over, as long as I would let her do it. I think this little cute girl thinks that if she keeps giving me kisses that I won't make her take a nap! That is pretty smart but that isn't going to happen...however, it does stall it for a little while:)

I will cherish those kisses forever. And I know when she learns how to really give a kiss I will miss those big gummy smackers that she gives so freely.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the beach!!

First beach trip!!!

Addison LOVED the beach. Her favorite part was most definitely the water and the waves. Adam took her out to about her chest and held her hands as they "jumped" the waves. She was "ooooo"ing and doing her new high pitched screech the whole time. When Adam would get tired from bending over he would bring her in and she would turn around and reach for the water as he brought her back. It was great, we were all very surprised that she wasn't afraid of the waves, or the water for that matter. She is going to be my little dare devil.

While we were there she got to spend some quality time with her (my) Aunt Judy and Aunt Susan. They loved on her the whole time and she ate it up. She really was great while we were there and never got cranky or whiny, and slept well for being in a different place and sleeping in the pack 'n play. She is starting to get to the age where she is sensitive to loud noises or things that startle her. My Aunt Susan was singing her a song one morning and hit a beautiful high note. Addison gave her a blank stare for a moment and then decided that that particular note scared her. She curled her bottom lip out as far as it would go and began to cry. We all laughed because it was just so cute, but she was consoled quickly and was happy and ready to go in no time.

This is technically the second time that she has been to Fripp but the first time she was only 2 months old and we didn't even go to the water because it was December. My Aunt Judy and Uncle Richard have a house on Fripp and we have been so blessed, and they have been so generous, to let us enjoy using it on occasion and spend great times with extended family down there. We have made so many memories and I know as Addison grows up, there will be many more memories to be made Fripp side. It will definitely be a place that comes up in many a family story in the future! Thank you Aunt Judy and Uncle Richard for allowing us to be a part of that.

A few other milestones for little pants:
Pulling up on absolutely EVERYTHING, crawling around like a maniac, stood by herself for about a half second on the beach, has started to babble combining different sounds instead of just the ol "oooo", will wave bye-bye when someone says bye-bye to her, has learned the talented act of throwing objects long distances just to see what they look like when they splat on the floor, and she is already wearing 12 month clothes and growing like a weed!

One milestone that she hasn't met is eating small pieces of solid food. We chuckle, although I'm sure she doesn't find it humorous, when we have tried to introduce her to small pieces of food. We have deduced that she must have a very sensitive gag reflex and though that isn't funny her reaction to the tiniest piece of food being on the very tip of her tongue/lip IS pretty funny. We started by giving her stage three baby food. The one that comes to mind is the chicken with vegetables. There were little pieces of carrots in the baby food and every time she would get a carrot she would gag and gag until she was able to get the carrot out, sometimes making herself throw up. A few days later I tried this little snack that they sell that taste like fake strawberry and it dissolves quickly on their tongue so that they can start to understand what it is like to have solid food in their mouth. This was a fail. I broke off the tiniest little piece of the fake strawberry, maybe the size of a grain of rice or smaller, and put it on the tip of her tongue...instant gag. We've tried a few other things since then but she just isn't ready, and that is okay, she will eat solids when she decides it just looks too good to pass up.

I can't believe my little angel is going to be 9 months old next week. I guess I better start thinking about a first birthday party!

Here are a few pics of the little nugget at the beach and at my parents house in the pond:

Addie and daddy at the beach (while daddy tries to do his hot model pose) :)

Her "faux-hawk" from the sunscreen in her hair.

My favorite picture of her at the beach. My Aunt Connie and cousin Kristen (and family) gave her this bathing suit. She had a cover-up that matched making her the best dressed on the beach.

She loved this soft sand. She would grab a handful and hold it close to her face and stare at it as she moved her hand around.

Saying "oooo"
Playing with Niles in the water while mommy and daddy fish.

Got a handful of mud!